UK Fast

Outstanding Websites Require Outstanding Hosting

A key element in the success of any web based project will be the platform upon which it is hosted.

Speed, availability, resilience, security, monitoring and support are all elements that need to combine in order to provide the ideal hosting environment.  With these factors in place, the highest value will be returned back to your organisation through an enhanced customer experience, improved Search Engine Optimisation and an increase in the amount of business and prospects generated.

It is for all of these reasons that mi has invested in our own dedicated hosting platform with our hosting partner UK Fast.  Based upon their eCloud Hybrid solution, we are able to provide resilient but cost effective shared website hosting, as well as dedicated virtualised platforms that are configured to your exact requirements.

The entire platform is monitored by their 24 hour support team, 365 days of year, as well as via UK Fast’s unique Capacity Threshold Monitoring system that automatically introduces additional server resources should certain preset limits be exceeded.

The datacentre is certified to ISO27001, being the certification required for government level hosting, and is 100% carbon neutral, as certified by BSI PAS 2060.

Further information on our hosting platform and services can be found here, or to arrange a datacentre tour, please contact us, call us on 01787 319393 or email: