Simple, low-cost online payments

If your website needs to perform online transactions, especially if this involves payments by credit card, then you’re going to need a Payment Service Provider (PSP).  There are many PSPs to choose from, however very few are able to offer the necessary level of technology, security, fraud screening and seamless integration, and all at a low cost per transaction.

Our Payment Service Provider partner SagePay provides all these services and their costs are based on a simple cost per transaction rather than a percentage commission on the sale, so generally offer the lowest overall costs.

SagePay are also PCI-DSS Level 1 compliant, which means they take responsibility for securing credit card details from the risk of fraud and hacking, leaving you with only the most basic of requirements for PCI-DSS compliance.

Since 2001, SagePay have amassed in excess of 50,000 customers and process millions of transactions per month, making them known as one of the most trusted payment companies in Europe.

Further information on SagePay‘s services can be found here, or to discuss how their services can be integrated into your site, please contact us, call us on 01787 319393 or email: