The evening of the 16th October saw the champagne corks popping at this year’s Digital Impact Awards at the London Hilton, Park Lane. The cause for celebration was the award-winning partnership of NetXtra and Thomas Ridley taking home their third win of the year. The dynamic duo were competing against premium brands and top London agencies, so

Winners! 14th June was a fantastic celebration of the achievements of the partnership between Thomas Ridley and NetXtra. Walking away with not just one, but two rather beautiful ecmod Direct Commerce Awards was beyond our expectations! Judges were quick to say that this year’s entries were of a particularly high calibre. To win awards both of

Magento is an exciting ecommerce platform that is constantly evolving and going from strength to strength. Last weeks news confirmed that Adobe Systems Inc. agreed to buy e-commerce company Magento for $1.68 billion. This is the third-biggest acquisition to create an end-to-end system for designing digital ads, building e-commerce websites and other online customer experiences.

We’re proud to announce that our client Thomas Ridley have been shortlisted for the ecmod Direct Commerce Awards. Nominated in two categories ‘Best Exploitation of Technology B2B’ and ‘Best Brand by Speciality’ we are looking forward to the awards evening on 14th June! Thomas Ridley have been a merchant family business for 300 years, recently

Selling Big Online

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Selling online has its challenges, but where the products you are selling are either ‘oversized’ (i.e. don’t fit in a jiffy bag!) or are items of value in the thousands rather than the hundreds, then it’s worth being aware of recent research into the behaviour patterns and perceptions of your potential buyers. We’ve also looked at how

Ecommerce Made Simple

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How are your customers? Forbes proclaimed 2017 to be the year of the “empowered customer”, whereas 2018 is projected to be the year of the “overwhelmed customer”. In our eagerness to please, and meet every need through every channel available to us, it would appear that instead of informing our customers, we are overwhelming them. But how

Ecommerce Marketing

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Multi-channel ecommerce marketing has never been more embracing! As the goal posts of a marketers remit extend to encompass evolving technology, finally the solutions for reporting and visibility to track the outcomes of our labours are catching up! ROBO/ROPO in Ecommerce Marketing Just about everybody is navigating what it means to provide a truly seamless shopping

Magento are projecting that B2B online sales worldwide will exceed $12 Trillion within the next 3 years. What can businesses do to secure their B2B online market share? Here, at a very foundational level, are our top ten tips; Assess your resources Be realistic about what resources you have available and what’s possible to achieve – align

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With Amazon Marketplace ‘reaching maturity’ (or creeping nearer monopoly status depending on your perspective), it is more important than ever for businesses using the ecommerce channel to establish, understand and exploit their key differentiators in order to be competing in the market place. We also need to be investing in CRO – Conversion Rate Optimisation –

If you’re not sure what developing a digital strategy entails, then as Julie Andrews says; ‘let’s start at the very beginning, it’s a very good place to start!’;   What are your business objectives and how might they be met through digital channels/how might a digital strategy contribute to meeting these? What policies do you have